Design and Technologies "Design Your Own Food Package!" Lesson 1

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Design and Technologies "Design Your Own Food Package!" Lesson 1 by Mind Map: Design and Technologies  "Design Your Own Food Package!"  Lesson 1

1. ACARA Links

1.1. Knowledge and Understanding:

1.1.1. ACTDEK019: Investigate how people in design and technologies and occupations address competing considerations, including sustainability in the design of products, services and environments for current and future use.

1.2. Processes and Production Skills:

1.3. ACTDEP024: Critique needs or opportunities for designing, and investigate materials, components, tools, equipment and processes to achieve intended designed solutions.

1.4. ACTDEP027: Negotiate criteria for success that include consideration of sustainability to evaluate design ideas, processes and solutions.

1.5. Year 5/6 Achievement Standard:

1.5.1. considerations in the design of products,

1.5.2. taking into account sustainability

1.5.3. combine design ideas and communicate these to audiences

1.5.4. record project plans including production processes.

1.5.5. select and use appropriate technologies and techniques correctly and safely to produce designed solutions.

2. Materials

2.1. Diagnostic

2.1.1. A4 Whiteboards

2.1.2. 30 Whiteboard Markers

2.2. Whole Class Brainstorm

2.2.1. Interactive White Board (IWB)

2.2.2. IWB pens

2.3. Activity 1 and Conclusion

2.3.1. Food Packaging and Design worksheet (see Appendix 2)

2.3.2. Lesson Reflection (see Appendix 1)

3. Step-By-Step Instructions

3.1. Introduce unit

3.1.1. Authentic Task: Bridgette the Businesswoman

3.2. Discuss features of Food packages

3.2.1. Look at packaging mage my familiar food products such as Froot Loops Cereal

3.2.2. Compose think pair share task

3.2.3. Brainstorm necessary considerations when desiging a food package

3.3. Compose Diagnostic Assessment

3.3.1. Pose focus questions

3.3.2. Students in groups of 5 to discuss answers

3.3.3. Assess participation in classroom discussion

3.4. Conclusion

3.4.1. Bring the students back down to the matt and have them complete a lesson reflection.

4. Focus Questions

4.1. Diagnostic

4.1.1. What would you need to include in your package design?

4.1.2. What would it be made of?

4.1.3. What colours and fonts would you use?

4.1.4. Why do we need to consider what type of material we use?

4.1.5. Why does the colour of the package matter?

4.1.6. Who is going to care if the font size is small?

4.1.7. Why couldn’t we simply wrap it in glad wrap and put it on the shelves of the supermarket?

4.2. Behaviour Management

4.2.1. What do we mean by teamwork?

4.2.2. Is it polite to talk over someone when they are talking?

4.2.3. What sound level do you think is appropriate for group discussion in our classroom?

4.3. Investigating Familiar Food Packages

4.3.1. Is it eye-catching?

4.3.2. Does it make the customer want to pick it up and look at the contents?

4.3.3. Does it hold the contents securely?

4.3.4. Will the food be kept fresh?

4.3.5. Will it be damaged?

4.3.6. Is the box strong enough for the purpose?

4.3.7. Will it last for the intended storage life?

4.3.8. What are they made out of?

4.3.9. Why was this material chosen?

5. Cross-Curriculum Learning

5.1. Sustainability

5.2. Literacy