User Interface Design (UID)

Notes on how to ensure that a website user interface is designed to not only look good, but to perform well, provide a good user experience, rank highly in search engine results etc.

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User Interface Design (UID) by Mind Map: User Interface Design (UID)

1. Glocalization

2. Terms and means for internationalization and localisation

3. اخبار حراج و تخفیف ها

4. Week 4: Prototyping

4.1. Prototyping

4.1.1. Low fidelity

4.1.2. High Fidelity

4.2. Mobile User Interface

4.2.1. Shneiderman's "Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design"

4.2.2. Heuristics for mobile design

4.2.3. Interruptions and turn taking between tasks

4.2.4. Design for small screens

5. Week 3: Group Behaviour

5.1. Context and context awareness

5.2. Modes

5.3. Groupware and Social Dynamics

6. Week 5: Prototypes (Contd.)

6.1. Paper prototyping

6.2. Testing paper prototypes

6.3. Balsamiq mockup tool

7. سالن های آرایش و خدمات زیبایی

7.1. اطراف من

7.1.1. Psychology of colors

7.1.2. 10 commandments of colors

7.1.3. Tools to help in color design

7.2. جستجو

8. kmhhkjg

8.1. Mobile user Interface design - Updates

9. Week 1: Introduction

9.1. what is user interface?

9.2. Approaches to user interface

9.3. Interface types

9.3.1. Concepts

9.3.2. Modalities

9.3.3. Modern and Future UIs Graphical User Interface(GUI) Command User Interface(CUI)

9.3.4. Multimodalities

10. hghghg