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User Interface Design (UID) by Mind Map: User Interface Design (UID)
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User Interface Design (UID)


Terms and means for internationalization and localisation

اخبار حراج و تخفیف ها

If you're using Google Analytics (not sure about other products), there is a difference between the following URLs: (note trailing "/") (note casing) (the canonical URL) Whilst it's tempting to "funnel" all of these into the same place using routing tables / regular expressions, this can cause problems when interpreting the analytics (same logical page appearing multiple times). A more robust approach is to define which URL you want, and then use an HTTP 301 to redirect non-canonical URLs through the URL.This then becomes the canonical URL for the page. NB This approach could obviously get out of control if you have different URL formats spread throughout your own site - the first step in getting this right is to ensure that wherever you explicity reference a page within your site you use the canonical URL. This approach is really designed to clean up up poor external references.  

Week 4: Prototyping


Software prototyping, refers to the activity of creating prototypes of software applications, i.e., incomplete versions of the software program being developed. It is an activity that can occur in software development and is comparable to prototyping as known from other fields, such as mechanical engineering or manufacturing. A prototype typically simulates only a few aspects of, and may be completely different from, the final product. Prototyping has several benefits: The software designer and implementer can get valuable feedback from the users early in the project. The client and the contractor can compare if the software made matches the software specification, according to which the software program is built. It also allows the software engineer some insight into the accuracy of initial project estimates and whether the deadlines and milestones proposed can be successfully met. The degree of completeness and the techniques used in the prototyping have been in development and debate since its proposal in the early 1970s.

Mobile User Interface

Week 3: Group Behaviour

Context and context awareness


Groupware and Social Dynamics

Week 5: Prototypes (Contd.)

Paper prototyping

Testing paper prototypes

Balsamiq mockup tool

When using a default "image unavailable" for missing images, use an HTTP 307 redirect to the default image, rather than serving the image directly with a 200 OK message. That way missing images can be tracked automatically using test toosl

سالن های آرایش و خدمات زیبایی

اطراف من



Mobile user Interface design - Updates

Week 1: Introduction

what is user interface?

Approaches to user interface

Interface types