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My New Mind Map by Mind Map: My New Mind Map

1. Money boom

1.1. Many were eager 2 buy & sell Stock

1.1.1. Panic selling

1.1.2. Stock market crashed Companies lost money Unemployment

1.2. Technology boom

1.2.1. less new jobs

1.2.2. Better productivity from smaller amount of people less people earning money 2 buy products

2. Hoover

2.1. Convinced euro countries that owe U.S. money to buy U.S. goods.

2.1.1. Tariff wars Congress passed a high tariff other countries repeated and then bought no U.S. goods. Soviets sell wheat at half U.S. price to pay back Austrian Banks Austrians borrowed from German Banks Hoover was increasingly unpopular Wouldn't involve himself in direct governmental help to the people. People started protesting and marching on Washington demanding aid.