Using video in School

This is a mindmap of potential uses of video in schools. This is using video in general not just related to transition

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Using video in School by Mind Map: Using video in School

1. Video role play/hotseating for use in Literacy

2. To create resources for lessons

2.1. showing kids videos of previous years children undertaking tasks so they see process

3. Use of Digiblue

4. Teacher Use

4.1. Video for evidence

4.2. for assessment

4.3. to record process of arts activities to show kids visually steps

4.4. roleplay

4.5. Smart Video

4.6. video for speaking and listening assessments

4.7. Video Conferencing for links with other schools

4.8. Create lesson for children who are absent

4.9. Video for children with English as a second language

4.10. CPD

4.10.1. Elluminate

5. Learner Use

5.1. Stop frame animation

5.2. to peer assess

5.2.1. Can we expand this?

5.3. Video peer- teaching methods

5.4. Use in Merlin

5.4.1. Can we expand this?

5.5. Filming news and weather reports

5.6. ICT Project Days

5.7. Animations

5.8. Local environment study day - link to other schools - eco - schools

5.9. residential

5.10. Video c's text type revision/recap songs to play back to them

6. Links with Parents

6.1. Putting child demonstration of methods in maths [for long division for example] on school web site to help parents understand processes.

6.2. showing parents and children kids video of previous years residentials, school trips etc

7. Links with Secondary School

7.1. Children work with Y7 children to create a "What its really Like" film of the secondary school, showing footage of departments, school grounds etc

8. Broadcast TV

9. New node

10. New node