Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies by Mind Map: Lord of the Flies

1. Characters

1.1. Jack

1.1.1. Power His Fundamental Desire Decides himself as the "leader"

1.1.2. Violence Great interest in Hunting Very Furious When one does not to something right His "Group" kills Piggy and Simon

1.1.3. The Boss Uses the boy's fears to control them Punish who shall break his rules

1.2. Ralph

1.2.1. Good Leader Listened To what others had to say Is concerned about Rescue

1.2.2. Responsible Building a Shelter is must and takes it seriously Disappointed When others do not do their responsibilities

1.3. Simon

1.3.1. The Beast Is the First to understand the beast is a natural part of the boys and not a monster

1.3.2. Goodness inside him

1.4. Piggy

1.4.1. Identified as Weak

1.4.2. Sets Rules (Law)

2. Problem

2.1. Jack is Jelous and mad about Ralph's position as leader. As this conflict proceeds through the book they try to underestimate each other and fight for the glory.

3. Themes

3.1. Primitivy

3.2. Civilization

3.3. Innocence

3.4. Rules and Order

3.5. Fear

3.6. Power

3.7. Identity

3.8. Religion

3.9. Youth

4. Symbols

4.1. Conch

4.1.1. Order The conch is used to call meetings and special events. Whoever had the conch in hand, had the power to speak

4.2. Piggys Glasses

4.2.1. Human Power Once the boys get a hold of piggies glasses they have access to fire, which gives them the privilege to cook meat, stay warm, and survive The break in his glasses represent the breaking in the boys humanity

4.3. Fire

4.3.1. The need to be rescued At the beginning of the book the boys talk about keeping the fire burning so they have a chance to be rescued, as they start to develop their society they forget about the fire

5. Author

5.1. William Golding