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Chap. 5 Business to Business Strategies by Mind Map: Chap. 5 Business to Business  Strategies
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Chap. 5 Business to Business Strategies

Purchasing, Logistics, and Support Activities

Purchasing Activities

Logistics Activities

Support Activities


Important Definitions

Supply Chain


Direct Materials

Replenishment Purchasing

Spot Purchasing

Indirect Materials (MRO Supplies)

Third-party Logistics

Knowledge Management

Direct Connection EDI

Indirect Connection EDI

Automated clearing house (ACH)

Tier one Suppliers

Electronic Data Interchange

Computer-to-Computer transfer of business info. between two businesses that uses a standard format of some kind

EDI Purchasing Process

Value-added Network

EDI on the Internet

Supply Chain Management using Internet technologies

Value creation in the supply chain

Increasing supply chain efficiencies

Using materials-tracking tech. with EDI and E-com

Building and maintaining trust in the supply chain

E-Marketplaces and Portals

Private stores and customer portals

Private Company Marketplaces

Industry Consortia-sponsored marketplaces