Dan's Goals

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Dan's Goals by Mind Map: Dan's Goals

1. Head in a direction to help me find a career.

1.1. Research jobs I might be interested in.

1.2. Set up a meeting with the Career Center.

1.3. Talk to other people who are unsure of their future.

1.4. Talk to people who are sure of their future.

2. Become more independent.

2.1. Don't go home every weekend.

2.2. Set more goals for myself, both short-term and long-term

2.2.1. use Post-It notes

2.3. Try to reach out to people I do not know to well, as opposed to family, friends, etc.

2.4. Learn more about myself as an individual, instead of a twin.

3. Learn about and utilize the resources offered to me.

3.1. Set up a meeting with Honors advisor.

3.1.1. Career Center

3.1.2. Honors

3.2. Set up a meeting with CST advisor.

3.3. Visit the honors lounge every week.

3.4. Office hours.

3.5. Tutoring Center.

3.6. Writing Center.

4. Eat well

4.1. Try to stick to going to J&H only once a day.

4.2. Be conscious of the amount of everything that I take into my body.

4.3. Listen to what my body is saying.

4.4. Eat a more balanced diet.

4.4.1. More fruit

4.4.2. More veggies

4.4.3. Fewer Carbs

4.4.4. Just the right amount of protein