My Interests

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My Interests by Mind Map: My Interests

1. Outdoor Events/Gatherings

1.1. Ice Skating

1.2. Ultimate Frisbee

1.2.1. Start a recreational league for ultimate frisbee

1.3. Capture the flag

2. Video Games

2.1. LAN parties

2.1.1. Create an Arcade in which you can go to and play on LAN with friends on anyone else.

2.2. Events played through the online Network

2.3. Playing with friends

3. God

3.1. Glorifying Him through my actions

3.2. Spreading His Word

3.3. Spending personal time with Him and discussing his word

3.3.1. Create a non-profit organization that gives people the opportunity to meat either in real life, or via a web cam to discuss theological things.

4. Sports

4.1. Soccer

4.1.1. Soccer Shop

4.2. Kayaking

4.3. Wake Surfing