OpenRice and its application

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OpenRice and its application by Mind Map: OpenRice and its application

1. Technologic feature

1.1. Strengthen the interaction between restaurant and vistors

1.2. Provide users' experience

1.3. Promote service via QR-code application, website, and smartphone appstore

2. Major User

2.1. Vistors

2.1.1. 66% from Hong Kong

2.2. Restaurant owners

2.3. OpenRice's members

3. Background

3.1. Creator

3.1.1. 鍾偉民(Ray Chung), Michael Tong, Gladys Li, Johnny Lam, Paul Cheng, Winnie Chan, Olivia Leung

3.2. Foundation

3.2.1. Time 1999 - now

3.2.2. Owner JDB Holdings Limited

3.2.3. History

3.3. Colaboration

3.3.1. Google Maps (HK)

3.3.2. Centamap (中原地圖)

4. Impact

4.1. Advantage

4.1.1. For individual Benefits people’s daily life Expanded social network User friendly

4.1.2. For restaurant owners Free promotions Expand the market with low cost

4.2. Disadvantage

4.2.1. For individual Fake information Objective opinion

4.2.2. For restaurant owners Pressure due to negative comments Pay overmuch attention to increase ranking