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Computer/Technology by Mind Map: Computer/Technology

1. Input devices

1.1. Mouse

1.2. Keyboard

1.3. Computer

2. Agenda

2.1. Agenda review

2.2. Define upcoming goals

2.3. Main discussion

2.4. Define action items

3. Functions/examples of input

3.1. Input devices are able to send information

3.2. Operating a keyboard connected to a computer in which the keyboard sends/inputs what it wants the computer to say or type.

3.3. Goal 3

4. Functions/examples of output

4.1. Output functions as the receiving of information

4.2. Flash drive has been known to be a input and output device. It can send and recieve information in which they are both just as equal to each other.

5. Output devices

5.1. Flashdrive

5.2. Printer

5.3. Monitor