Copy of Growing the Performing Arts progam

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Copy of Growing the Performing Arts progam by Mind Map: Copy of Growing the Performing Arts progam

1. We are at a point where we need to look into the future with our Arts program as Performance programs take years of lead time to develop the skills in students.

1.1. Where we are now?

1.1.1. Great resouces

1.1.2. Great staff

1.1.3. Great willingness to make Arts even better

1.1.4. Great students

1.1.5. Great support

1.1.6. Supportive communications dpt to advertise and get the message out

1.1.7. Questions How do we align vertically? Where is PS in the vision? Where is MS in the vision? Where is the HS in the vision?

1.2. Where do we want to be?

1.2.1. High quality performances big commitment and buyin Students "talented" in the area to be signing up The school known for its big performances Showcase events

1.2.2. Alternative view Smaller high quality events Less buyin required, less commitment in time more doable for the students? Emphasis on fun and participation Culturama and proposed dance event fits in here greater range of events focused on what is fun and a lesser commitment - still engaging students in the arts would this eventually lead to a demand for the bigger events in the future?

1.3. How do we get there?

1.3.1. Shared vision within all Arts staff

1.3.2. Shared vision with Principals

1.3.3. Shared vision with community

1.4. Issues to discuss

1.4.1. We need to develop the school's vision - not our vision - although we understand our involvement

1.4.2. We are going to need a "tweaked" signup system as history has shown we can not compete with flash events, low buyin great experience, participation, purely experiential, fun activities We are for these not against them

1.4.3. Are the events we fun now align with demand should we re-look with a fresh approach at what we offer - is it popular with students does this matter? How can we know?