Endurance Training effect

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Endurance Training effect by Mind Map: Endurance Training effect

1. Similar strength gains when comparing strength and concurrent training

1.1. Improvements of both neuromuscular and cardiovascular functions

1.1.1. Overall physical status

1.1.2. Maintain the independency

1.1.3. Prevent disability

2. How to do endurance exercise

2.1. walking with changes in pace and direction

2.2. treadmill walking

2.3. step-ups

2.4. stair climbing

2.5. stationary cycling

2.6. moderate- to high-intensity (i.e., 60-85% of VO2max), and moderate volume (i.e., 25 to 40 minutes)

3. Concurrent strength and endurance training

3.1. Interference effect

3.1.1. Reference

3.2. Idea

3.3. Idea

4. Peripheral Adaptation

4.1. Ability of skeletal muscles

5. Reducing the risk of metabolic disorder

5.1. Improving insulin sensitivity

5.2. Increasing glucose transporters in muscle

6. Central Adaptation

6.1. VO2max increase

7. Improving bone health

8. Reducing resting blood pressure

9. Changing in body composition

10. Reference