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TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Molding military service for global good by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2013
Molding military service for global
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TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Molding military service for global good


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Jacob Wood, @badgerjake,,

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Themes, War, Finding in uninted good in the bad

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Reactions, "Our nation’s veterans are such an incredible resource." @TeamRubicon #TED” (saw him live, interesting) #TEDxAMS, Handsome man, beautiful words. Jacob Wood: Molding Military Service for Global Good #TEDxAMS, Jakob Wood's piercing look makes us realize the important role of our veterans #TEDxAms”

The story begins...

freshman year University Winsconsin

9/11, changed my world, changed the world of people around me

the most powerful nations fueling up war planes and preparing the weapons of war


joined US Army

enlisted in US Marine core

became private in the infantry

my hands were trained in war

2007 & 2008: sent to Iraq and Afghanistan


lost first man within 2 weeks

from that point, death and destruction visited us with a steady drumbeat, however, withnissed the greatest virtues of mankind everyday, courage, honour, sarifice, love


embedded with both British and Afghan troops

fought day in, day out, limited resources, impossible odds

found the same virtues outside the marine corps, every single day

we didn't shed our blood for politics, we shed it for each other, we shed it for the hope that we might be able to scratch some semblance of good in a world of bad


left the Marine Corps and had to look for something else to do with my life

images like these showed up

Haiti was in need of help

organizations and militaries from around the world were mobilised to help

these images were tragic yet familiar

I had never been a day in Haiti

but I have been there

went to Haiti with a friend (also ex-marine) to help

teamed up to reach a total of 8 indidivuals

mostly strangers

everyone was in Haiti

but only the military was doing something

we were on to something..., how about the other 2.5 miljon veterans

Team Rubicon

became the name of the group of 8

because like the ancient river in ancient Rome, this was our point of no return

found ourselves leading mobile triage clinics

going where other organizations could not or would not go

turns out

my hands were not only trained for war

they were also trained to help and hail my fellow men

were able to expand, using other veterans

deploying teams to, Birma, South Sudan, Chile, Pakistan

learned something else

we were not only servicing others

we also helped healing our invisible wounds of war, able to provide:, sense of purpose, sense of community, sense of self

these veterans had the potiential to be a civilian beacon of:, courage, honour, sarifice, love