Spreadsheet Grades Sharing

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Spreadsheet Grades Sharing by Mind Map: Spreadsheet Grades Sharing

1. This is a good idea!

1.1. I think it will be easier to see my current grades and my level of progress with this method.

2. It might encourage some of us to aim for better grades.

2.1. This method might make it a lot easier for some of us to do our homework, since there is that constant reminder that grades are always being updated, and assignments are being graded,

3. Easier to show parents the progress.

3.1. Since the grades are very easy to get to, and the information being put into the spreadsheet is always recent, then parents are always aware of what the grades of the student is.

4. There could be a bit of competition.

4.1. Since everyone can see everyone else's grades, then people might compete for who has the best grade. There is a very low chance of this occurring, but it might happen