Spring Break 2010!

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Spring Break 2010! by Mind Map: Spring Break 2010!

1. March 13 Saturday

1.1. Spent half the day with my uncle because he was going to drop me off at my friend Aimee's house because we were going to a Sweet Sixteen party. After that i spent the night at my friend Selena's house.

2. March 16 Tuesday

2.1. In the morning Catherine and I went to buy some more tacos. We stayed and watched TV for a couple of hours. Then went to go see her boyfriend at the park. We took a lot of pictures and went home at 8pm.

3. March 14 Sunday

3.1. My friends Aimee, Selena, and Catherine and I stayed in and watched movies and ate pizza. At night we left to Catherine's house. We ate alot of junk food.

4. March 15 Monday

4.1. When we woke up we went to go eat tacos from across the street. They were really delicious. We stayed and walked to the park and had a good day. Selena went home at night. Later on i felt sick so Catherine and I went to my house.

5. March 21 Sunday

6. March 12 Friday

6.1. On Friday my school had a "Tafolla Idol." It was real fun. Some of my friends sang and it turned out great!

7. March 19 Friday

7.1. I stayed at my grandmas again. And killed time with my uncle. Later I got picked up by Catherine and we went to our Church lock in. We had a fun night.

8. March 17 Wednesday

8.1. Catherine got picked up early in the morning. So it was just me and the family. I slept for a couple of hours because I was still sick. At night my family and I went to the movies.

9. March 18 Thursday

9.1. I stayed at my grandma's house by myself. My Uncle's girlfriend bought me some Bill Millers.

10. March 20 Saturday

10.1. We went to Catherine's house early in the morning and bought some tacos. We went to a birthday party at the park.Then went to a lady's house for the after party. It was fun

11. March 21 Sunday

11.1. I stayed home and relaxed the whole day.Then watched movies with my family.