Spring break 2010!!!

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Spring break 2010!!! by Mind Map: Spring break 2010!!!

1. Back Home

1.1. In March 20, I spend the hold day taking care of my nephew.

2. Fun Day!

2.1. In March 13, That day we were swimming and fishing and we had a talk that night with a campfire.

3. South Padre Beach!!!

3.1. In March 17, We went to South Padre's beach and we had a lot of fun that day.

4. New Shoes!!!

4.1. In March 21, I spend the day looking for new shoes for school. I bought Blue Vans.

5. Home

5.1. In March 15, I went to my friends house and spend the night there.

6. Deep Sea Fishing!!!

6.1. In March 18, We went deep sea fishing . We had to wake up like around 5 am. We got on a boat and after an hour, we fished. We caught a lot of fish and brought them back to Port Isabel

7. Leaving to South Padre!!!

7.1. In March 16, me and the rest of the City Kids were picked up and we were heading for port Isabel were we spend the night at Ms. McNeil's mom's house.

8. Finishing The Trip

8.1. In March 14, We packed everything up and we were dropped off at our homes.

9. Going Home

9.1. In March 19, We ate at a restaurant in Port Isabel. The tacos we ate were like a foot long! After we finished eating, we went back home.

10. singing

10.1. In May 12, Tafolla Middle School Had "Tafolla Idol" and many kids sang and we had a great time. I also went to Lost Lake Ranch with City Kids and got there about 8 0r 9 pm.

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12. Back to School

12.1. In March 22, i went back to school and i was kind of sad because Spring Break was over.