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Me by Mind Map: Me

1. pet peeves

1.1. skreking noises

1.1.1. I dont know why people make stupid skreking noises

1.2. talking alot

2. friends

2.1. Alec masterstan

2.2. Jason Osborn

2.3. Tyler Norris

2.4. Justin Allen

2.5. Matthew Jump

2.6. Jacob sterger-bright

2.7. Robert Odonell

2.7.1. He was my first friend that i had in laporte

3. hobbies

3.1. riding my bike

3.2. playing with my cats

3.3. video games

3.3.1. The video games that I play is mortal kombat, soulcalibar and pokemon

4. family

4.1. Mom

4.1.1. I am also very close to my mom I go everywhere she goes

4.2. Dad

4.3. Brothers

4.4. Grandma

4.4.1. I am very close to my grandma I help her sometimes

4.5. Grandfather

4.6. my couisens

5. things i know about

5.1. everthing about pokemon

5.1.1. I know everything about pokemon to pokemon cards,the pokemon games and the pokemon

5.2. about animals

6. goals

6.1. Get good grades

6.1.1. Last year I had all As and Bs

6.2. Do good in school

7. fears

7.1. Heights

7.1.1. I won't get on roller coasters and the drops

7.2. Spiders

7.3. Snakes

8. my identies

8.1. brother

8.2. student

8.3. gamer

8.4. computer person

8.4.1. I think it is easier to do homework on the computer

9. how i spend my days

9.1. Doing homework

9.1.1. some days I have to much homework and it takes me all day

9.2. Playing on the ipad,xbox 360 and DSI

10. music,tv,video games,etc.

10.1. Pokemon series

10.1.1. I love pokemon and pokemon is my favorite game