Steven Bailey

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Steven Bailey by Mind Map: Steven Bailey

1. "Flaws"

1.1. A mental disorder called Social Anxiety Disorder which causes me to be very scared and uncomfortable socializing or speaking in front of others.

1.2. My love of the gaming industry, (mainly the fact that I love Nintendo), has led in the past to a lot of bullying.

1.3. I am severly impatient and have a relativly short attention span. Few things have ever truly capture my attention for hours and hours on end.

2. Hobby

2.1. Love of Nintendo/Game Collecting.

2.2. Learning the HIstory of Video Gaming and guessing its future.

2.3. And, rather recently, speedruns of games and learning how to play Super Smash Bros. competitavly.

3. History

3.1. Grew up mainly alone with only my parents and sister in an apartment, however I saw my grandparents and aunts about every week.

3.2. I had no friends for many years and even to this day I do not have many friends. When I was little I spent many hours on my PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube (namely Super Mario Sunshine), and my Nintendo GameBoy Advance/GameBoy Advance SP.

3.3. Throughout my elementary years I was often ridiculed and left out and thus developed a fear of speaking to new people or being out of place. However I also, over time, developed a love of video games (specifically Nintendo) and now I collect old (retro) and new games as well as becoming a video game historian, becoming a Super Smash Bros. competitave player, and eventually I hope to become a game director/creative director/ writer.

4. Plans for future

4.1. I strive to eventually become a director on some games and own a game store. I also currently am studying the history of the gaming industry and consider myself a gaming historian.

4.2. I also am starting to review games/game hardware and movies. I hope to be a critic too, although not mainly one.

4.3. Other than that I do not have a lot of other goals. I am not particularly interested in having a family or kids at all for that matter but I still do not know what the future holds for that. I have mini goals, like right now my goal is to unlock every character in Super Smash Bros 3DS's roster when the game launches in the United States on October 3rd.

5. Pet Peeves

5.1. I absolutely despise people who judge something based on nothing. If someone has a legitimate reason to say something about what is being talked about then I am fine with it and personally (in the matter of the gaming industry) I enjoy hearing other people's legitimate complaints as it gives me more of an idea of something or a bit of backstory on something and I find it cool. However some people like to look at something and declare it something bad without ever considering everything, and in most cases miss the most important parts. For example, the Wii U has been hated on alot for almost no legitimate reason. Some describe it as "kiddish" which is a matter of opinion rather than an actual flaw, likewise I think the standard blood soaked shooter to be rather uninspired and often feel like a cash grab other than a devoted idea. Others complain the Wii U is not selling well, which is not a flaw with the console itself at all, rather advertising campaigns (which often times are straight up incorrect) postintiong a mindless shooter as a much better game. The Wii U might not have a lot of those but I find the hardware to be fine enough, the Gamepad to be fresh enough, and the selection of titles to be incredible. Especially considering games like Pikmin 3 or Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

5.2. I also dislike people who exclude people based on something that should not really matter.