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me by Mind Map: me

1. primaryspanish

2. hobbies

2.1. soccer

2.2. decoration- i decorate most things that look boring to me

3. goals

3.1. go to college

3.1.1. get a good job

4. family

4.1. mom

4.1.1. dad step dad 3 brothers-logan, bryan, joshua 6 sisters-jasmine, julisia, jayla, kendal, avolan, jenna

5. friends

5.1. sam

5.1.1. madelyn ana iris delia jada llamilet alan debora

6. identities

6.1. sister

6.1.1. daughter friend student

7. what i do in my free time

7.1. draw

7.1.1. read wright sports

8. languages

8.1. secondary-english- i have to speak it at school and to my stepdad

8.1.1. primary- spanish- i sometimes speak this at school to my friends and at my house to my mom

9. religion

9.1. penticostal christian

10. music, tv, video games

10.1. latin music

10.1.1. regular english music tele novelas disney channel, disney xd, nick, cartoon network,

11. pet peeves

11.1. dont like to say anything twice

11.1.1. do not like when people ask the same question over and over do not like to talk over people