A Self-reflection of Jillian Ross

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A Self-reflection of Jillian Ross by Mind Map: A Self-reflection of Jillian Ross

1. Hobbies

1.1. Soccer

1.1.1. My position is defensive.

1.2. I show and train horses.

1.2.1. I ride my horses, Jupiter and Jafaar. I also train a horse, Durango, for a friend I have in college in Colorado.

1.3. Dance

1.3.1. I train in six styles of dance.

2. Values

2.1. I am a Christian.

2.1.1. My family is Christian. I believe there is a God and that He works throughout my life because even though I prayed for my dad to live, I believe he will rest peacefully.

2.2. I believe being kind is a responsibility.

2.2.1. I have the gift of living so I might as well return that gift to others I share it with.

2.3. I value living life to the fullest in a sensible manner.

2.3.1. I want to enjoy life while I can, but I believe in remaining responsible.

3. Family

3.1. Check out http://www.mindmeister.com/tools

3.2. Mom

3.2.1. My mother shares my interest in showing horses.

3.3. Dad

3.3.1. My father shares my interest in math and science.

3.3.2. My father used to be in the Navy.

3.3.3. I admire my dad's capability of having a beauty to "just being there".

3.3.4. My dad was diagnosed with terminal Lymphoma cancer so he will pass away approximately between the dates of September 20th and September 30th.

3.4. Two Brothers

3.4.1. Jared Jared is a twenty-one-year-old studying Sports Medicine and Exercise Science at Purdue University.

3.4.2. Joseph (Joey) Joey is a seventeen-year-old senior at LaPorte High School that is a linebacker for LaPorte's varsity footaball team.

4. Pet Peeves

4.1. When people say hot cocoa instead of hot chocolate

4.2. When my brother slurps his cereal

5. Memories

5.1. When my dad shared the legacy he wants to leave behind with me

5.1.1. One night, my dad told me his important values in life that he wants to share before he passes away, and I am entitled to my own opinions; however, I will carry the beautiful things he leaves behind as I live my life out.

5.2. When my pastor prayed with my family when my dad was in the hospital

5.2.1. My pastor came to check on my family and pray with my dad when his kidneys quit working, and he said a prayer offering hope and blessings.

6. Things I Know

6.1. The Swedish Language

6.1.1. I am learning this because I am Swedish myself.

6.2. French terminology

6.2.1. I train in ballet, and ballet terminology is of French origins.

7. Fears

7.1. Being trapped in solitude

7.1.1. I love people, and my mind tends to wander when I am alone.

7.2. Watching someone die

7.2.1. I hate to see someone I love go through terrible pain and then end up lifeless.

8. My identities

8.1. The dancer or artist

8.1.1. I love expressing my emotions and pain through dancing and making music appear visible in my own methods. I also do the same through poetry.

8.2. The iridescent girl

8.2.1. I am shy and invisible, yet I am "colorful" if you get to know me.

9. Friends

9.1. My closest friends

9.2. Other people and acquaintances

10. Goals

10.1. I want to simply impact people in small ways to give them joy.

10.2. I want to work hard to benefit others and spread my religion in a respective manner.