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Me by Mind Map: Me

1. Goals

1.1. Get a Master's Degree in Physical Therapy

1.1.1. I have always wanted to be a physical therapist.

1.2. Make the Varsity volleyball team as a freshman

1.2.1. One of my biggest goals.

2. Hobbies

2.1. Volleyball

2.1.1. I have been playing for 7 years.

2.2. Singing

2.3. Writing

2.3.1. I am currently writing a Dystopian novel.

3. Pet Peeves

3.1. When people say "Libary"

3.1.1. There is another r in library. People need to get that through their heads.

3.2. When people chew loudly

3.2.1. Close your mouth. No one wants to see that,

4. Friends

4.1. Volleyball friends

4.1.1. These girls inspire me so much.

4.2. Youth Group

4.2.1. Have helped me through lots of things.

4.3. School Friends

4.3.1. Cedric, Mitchell, Chloe, Jill, Becca, Elisabeth, and Delaney

5. Worries/Fears

5.1. Fear: Being Late

5.1.1. I have always had a fear of being late just because I never know what the result will be.

5.2. Worries: Seriously injuring myself/preventing myself from playing volleyball

5.2.1. Succeeding in volleyball is one of my biggest goals, and preventing myself from succeeding scares me.

6. How I spend my days

6.1. Playing volleyball

6.1.1. Volleyball takes up alot of my time, and requires extreme dedication.

6.2. Doing homework

6.2.1. I need to get it done to pass.

7. Family

7.1. Dad

7.1.1. My Dad is one of my biggest inspirations.

7.2. Mom

7.2.1. My mom helps me with everything I need.

7.3. Sister

7.3.1. My sister supports me no matter what.

8. Music/TV

8.1. Survivor

8.1.1. The one TV show my family watches together.

8.2. Rock Music

8.2.1. The only music that I listen to.

9. Things I know about

9.1. Volleyball

9.1.1. I have been playing for 7 years, so I know a thing or two.

10. Identities

10.1. Sister

10.1.1. I have an older sister who is in her freshman year of highschool.

10.2. Daughter

10.2.1. I am the youngest of two kids, and by far my parent's favorite.