Preston Krause

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Preston Krause by Mind Map: Preston Krause

1. Fears

1.1. Birds

1.1.1. I have ornithophobia

1.2. The dark

1.2.1. Being in pitch black

1.3. Paranormal activity

1.3.1. Ghosts and spirits

1.4. Being alone

1.4.1. Not having my twin

1.5. Messing up

1.5.1. Failing in life

2. Friends

2.1. Thomas

2.1.1. My twin

2.2. Elias

2.2.1. A soccer team mate

2.3. Marcos

2.3.1. A cool guy

2.4. Victor

2.4.1. A funny guy

2.5. Ethan

2.5.1. Just like Victor

3. Hobbies

3.1. Soccer

3.1.1. My way of becoming a professional

3.2. Video Games

3.2.1. Playing with Thomas and my friends

3.3. Ski

3.3.1. I ski with my Step dad

3.4. Ride ATV's

3.4.1. I also do this with my Step dad

4. Goals

4.1. To go to college

4.1.1. To lead me into being successful

4.2. To become a professional soccer player

4.2.1. It is the hobby that is most important to me

4.3. Finish bucket list

4.3.1. To help me live an awesome life

4.4. To have an awesome wife

4.4.1. A wife who treats me well and can be a friend

4.5. Make a lot of money

4.5.1. A jod that will make a LOT of money

4.6. Live an awesome life

4.6.1. So people will know who I am and how awesome I am

5. Pet Peeves

5.1. Chewing with your mouth open

5.1.1. I find it very disturbing

5.2. Licking your fingers

5.2.1. I find it disgusting

5.3. Making a mess

5.3.1. I feel as though it is rude

5.4. Being dirty

5.4.1. I can't stand being dirty

5.5. People mentioning or making jokes about twins

5.5.1. I find it very stereo typical

5.6. Unorganized events

5.6.1. I need everything to be controlled

6. Family

6.1. Twin

6.1.1. My brother Thomas

6.2. Mom

6.2.1. My loving and caring mother

6.3. Step father

6.3.1. A friend that helps my mom and loves her

6.4. Dad

6.4.1. My wonderful father

6.5. Step mother

6.5.1. Someone that keeps my dad busyand loves him

7. Identities

7.1. Twin

7.1.1. My best friend of a brother

7.2. Son

7.2.1. The son of my parents

8. Memories

8.1. The divorce

8.1.1. My parents divorced when i was in kindergarden

8.2. The death of my grandfather

8.2.1. My grandfather died the same year as the divorce

9. How i spend my days

9.1. Hang with Thomas

9.1.1. Having a best friend

9.2. Soccer practice

9.2.1. I want to get better at the sport

10. Music,TV, Video Games, etc.

10.1. FIFA

10.1.1. A video game that me and tom play with are friends

10.2. Techno, Metal,Spanish, Pop

10.2.1. It gets me motivated for things that I need to work hard for or itcan relax

11. Things I know about

11.1. How to run certain soccer plays

11.1.1. They're important to me because they can help me in those kind of situations