OHS Literacy Program

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OHS Literacy Program by Mind Map: OHS Literacy Program

1. Goals

1.1. Overarching Goal: The students at OHS will be able to comprehend varied texts in all subject areas and improve their writing skill across the curriculum.

1.1.1. Measurement: 9th grade students at OHS will score on average 2 points higher on the ACT writing and 2 points higher on the reading than their predecessors.

1.1.2. Strategies to meet goals: OHS will implement OHS Literacy Program which will be implemented by teachers during the 11 full day Wednesday cycle. Teachers will be able to take the literacy strategies into their classrooms and make them a part of their practice to improve literacy and improve content area knowledge aquisition over time

1.2. Short term Goal: Students will effectively use evidence based reading strategies to improve their comprehension of "text" and effectively use evidence based writing strategies to improve their ability to write argumentative essays.

1.2.1. Measurement: Students will formatively be assessed on using strategies and comprehending text. Students will be assessed on their growth in writing by the use of a pre and post writing test.

1.2.2. Strategies to meet goals Reading Comprehension: QAR Strategy Writing: Peer Review and Feedback

2. Outline of Program

2.1. Writing Pre-assessment 9 - 11 grade

2.1.1. Teacher IRR Training and grading of Pre-assessment. October 1st.

2.2. Week one Reading and Writing Strategies workshop

2.2.1. QAR Reading Strategy

2.2.2. Writing based on QAR

2.3. Week 2 (Oct. 22nd)

2.3.1. Students receive IRR training from their classroom teacher. Students use the rubrics to review work of peers in groups. Students revise their work using peer and teacher feedback as a guide Students set personal writing goals (recorded on a pre-formatted document provided to the teachers.)

2.4. Week 3 (Oct. 29th)

2.4.1. Content Area Reading Article QAR Reading Strategy Writing strategies from OHS Literacy Program Team Students Peer review using rubric

2.5. Week 4 Jan 28th

3. Next Steps

3.1. Formative Reading strategy data

3.1.1. Data will drive the creation of an assessment for next year to work in conjunction with the writing assessment.

3.2. Writing strategy data (pre and post assessment)

3.2.1. Data will allow staff to determine next steps for the program: Continue with strategies Modify strategies

4. OHS Literacy Team Members

4.1. Meeting Leader

4.2. Strategy Team

4.3. OHS Literacy Structure Team

4.4. Program Evaluation Team