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Eventual Sakai 3 UI Concepts by Mind Map: Eventual Sakai 3 UI Concepts
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Eventual Sakai 3 UI Concepts

UI Requirements

Mobile devices



LC012 File Sharing/ Content Creation LC012 Materials are searchable, taggable, supporting annotations (Students able to tag content with 'like' as feedback to academic and other students - CSU) LC013 File Sharing/ Content Creation LC021 I want to share ideas, notes, annotations, and references with my team.   LC022 File Sharing/ Content Creation, (wiki - CSU)

Authored Content


Archived material

LC023 site archival


Persistent Content

LC023 I want my class materials to be available for others to refer to for a long time after the class is over.   LC023 I want to use a colleague's materials for teaching a course

Access Control of Content

LC011 Conditional Release (conditional flow) (seamless with other applications - ppt, LaTex - easily block releasee content e.g.every Friday and set this up once only - CSU)  


Student Managed Content

LC013 I want to share my personal notes on the lecture with a classmate LC013 I want to see lecture notes from other classmates

Accessable Versions of Content

Personal Space

Collected Content from elsewhere

Citation Lists


Analytics of Use

Managed Metadata


Commenting annotations

LC012 Students need to be able to comment on and critique content (CSU)  



LC015 Google Wave-like capability of discussion, messaging, instant messaging, etc.   LC022 Email, private messaging, chat   LC022 Communication preferences (If email, students should receive an automatic notification that email has been sent and will be responded to in due course - CSU)






LC023 Site export to a structured and navigable file that can be viewed independently of the system. Options to provide only class structure and materials (partial export) but also option to include student contributions as well (full export).

Collection of Content

LC012 Content may be in a site or another site; may be in the system or out of the system

Associated Authorizables

Templated Sites

Messaging (exposed here)

Student Managed Sites

Copy entire structure and Content



LC009 tracking the students learning, may be within a portfolio but could equally be within a record of assessment associated with the user.  



LC016 I want to assign my students some homework   LC016 Simple submission/grade workflow; Submission by group; make and post homework forms for my students to complete and I want the results compiled into one file.   LC016 Flexible custom assessment workflows  


LC018 Completion or scored result stored centrally with other grades. (Multiple question types, including open-ended, likert etc - CSU) LC019 I want to give my students grades   LC019 Any object can receive a comment or grade; Grouping of objects (e.g., portfolio) that receive feedback; both open and structured feedback (Notifications of results and feedback sent directly to student email, accessed in Sakai - CSU)   LC019 Grades are a special case of feedback and non-numerical assessment should be supported; Instructor feedback; self feedback; peer feedback; external to class review; external to system review; multitude of permissions for who can see what.  Another form of feedback is an interactive rubric in which the instuctor or reviewer simply checks the relevant score/description for each category.  The total score can then be optionally fed to the gradebook (IU has this working in Sakai via an integration with iRubric).  


  LC017 I want to assess my students' knowledge LC017 I want students to demonstrate what they have learned.   LC017 Full range of questions types; question pools; randomized selection and presentation of items; randomized ordering of choices for mc type questions. LC017 calculated question types with support for variables; autogeneration of charts and graphs based on question data; share assessments with other instructors/courses/students. Item statistics. LC018 Completion or scored result stored centrally with other grades. (Multiple question types, including open-ended, likert etc - CSU)

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