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March 12-22 by Mind Map: March 12-22

1. March 12

1.1. I had two basketball games at kirby middle school and we lost both of them.

2. March 13

2.1. Firts we had a basketball game, then we went to go eat then, I went to Rivercenter to go hang out

3. March 14

3.1. Had a cookout at my grandmas house and played volleyball

4. March 15

4.1. Went to Dave and Busters

5. March 16

5.1. Spent the night at my cousins house and then went to the zoo

6. March 17

6.1. Stayed at home and Watched T.V

7. March 18

7.1. Stayed at my other cousins and just had a goo time there.

8. March 19

8.1. Had basketball practice, then went to go help out at a garage sale, then i went to my coaches house and spend the night over there.

9. March 20

9.1. Woke up at 6 in the morning and went to kerville for four bbasketball games and we lost in the champion ship

10. March 21

10.1. Woke up and went swimming, then we ran around the hotel then we went to go eat then we had training

11. March 22

11.1. Woke up early then went to school