My Sping Break

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My Sping Break by Mind Map: My Sping Break

1. march 18th i was at the gym once again tumbling and flipping around

2. March 12th I spent it with my little brother it was his 12th birthday we went paintballing

3. march 22nd i came back to school

4. March 16th i went to the gym had practice worked out for a while

5. march 19th i went over to my friend kalis house we watched movies and went to the park

6. March 13th i stayed at my unlces house in elmendorf

7. march 21st i went to six flags with my family

8. March 17th i went bike riding with my cousins.

9. march 20th i went paintbslling in the woods it was fun.

10. March 15th i stayed at home cleaned up and fix a few things around the house

11. March 14th i went to the gym to clean up and work out