Conventions of the pop rock genre

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Conventions of the pop rock genre by Mind Map: Conventions of the pop rock genre

1. Music video's of the pop rock genre usually show the band/artist performing and show shots of instruments such as the lead guitar.

2. Mise-en-scene - Image - Conventionally, the musicians in a pop rock music video don't have the image as the main focus of the video like some pop musicians might although the image isn't usually as 'dark' as the rock genre.

3. Mise-en-scene - It is conventional in the pop rock genre to show the artist performing with instruments

4. A convention of any music video is to have a linear narrative which is led by performance or a narrative.

5. Mise-en-Scene- Ambient lighting - A convention in the pop genre is often high key lighting and a convention for the rock genre usually involves quite a dark setting and low key lighting so the pop rock genre usually contains more neutral and ambient lighting

6. A convention is to contain close up shots of the lead artist to attract the audience because the lead singer is usually the most well known person and has a star image