Spreadsheet Sharing

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Spreadsheet Sharing by Mind Map: Spreadsheet Sharing

1. In a way, is really good because it helps you know what you have to do and you are always going to be checking it if you're missing something to turn in.

2. This spreadsheet also works with your friends, if you don't or can't check it your friends can log in and see what you're missing, so he advises you what you have to finsh.

3. In another way i think is bad because you wouldn't have privacy of your grade and the work you do, then if you don't do your homework people will make fun of you if you didn make it but that helps you be more responsible so people don't make fun of you and you do your work.

4. But after all it is a very good idea to keep your things in order, and turn them in time. Also your friends will always be attentive of your missing homeworks, privacy is important but if it helps you showing it then we should do it.