'Collapse'ibility of Countries in Different Regions

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'Collapse'ibility of Countries in Different Regions by Mind Map: 'Collapse'ibility of Countries in Different Regions

1. New Zealand

1.1. Environmental Damage

1.1.1. My Rank: 3 New Zealand deals with many environmental problems. Those Problems include: deforestation and soil erosion. Overall, it has kept its resources at a reasonable level. Ranks: 7 in the top 10 eco-friendly countries.

1.2. Climate Change

1.2.1. My Rank: 2 The Climate in New Zealand is pretty Stable. Since the country has kept its resources at a stable level, they have not had an extreme climate change. There has been some rise in sea levels in recent years that will affect most of the region.

1.3. Hostile Neighbors

1.3.1. My Rank: 1 According to the Global Peace Index, which ranks all countries in matters of peace within a region, New Zealand Ranked number 1 for the year 2009. Shares a good relationship with Australia and its neighboring countries.

1.4. Friendly Trade Partners

1.4.1. My Rank: 3 New Zealand has a good relationship with many different countries. This helps them with the trade. They are currently working on establishing trade relationships with India and Japan.

1.5. Response to Environmental Problems

1.5.1. My Rank: 3 Has a Ministry for the Environment The New Zealand Government has signed many different agreements in order to keep the Environment stable. They have kept these agreements up and running. They are currently working with the world community in order to reduce greenhouse gases.

2. Argentina

2.1. Environmental Damage

2.1.1. My Rank: 5 Mostly kept its resources at a good level. Has some problems with deforestation, soil degradation, air pollution, and water pollution. They are not ranked in the top ten most polluted countries, but it does pose a bit of a problem.

2.2. Climate Change

2.2.1. My Rank: 3 Argentina has been affected by climate change, but not as much as other countries. It is dealing with its climate change in many different ways. They have signed many agreements with the world community in order to reduce these issues.

2.3. Hostile Neighbors

2.3.1. My Rank: 4 Argentina ranks 66 out of 144 countries according to Global Peace Index Argentina has a rank of 4 because its relationship with Brazil has not been the best. Argentina has been trying to fix its disputes and disagreements in the past few years.

2.4. Friendly Trade Partners

2.4.1. My Rank: 4 Argentina is a friendly trade partner with most of its neighbors. It exports and imports a lot of goods from all over the world.

2.5. Response to its Environmental Problems

2.5.1. My Rank: 3 It is also the world leader in having voluntary targets for greenhouse gas. It is a ranking of three, because Argentina does have issues that are affecting everyone in the country, but the country has set goals in order to help reduce these problems.

3. Argentina and New Zealand are very interesting countries. Both are not put in the as often as other countries. Both countries lie in the Southern Hemisphere. After analyzing the different aspects of the two countries in regards to collapsing factors, I noticed that both are quite stable. Using the five point framework I found several similarities and differences between the countries. One point where both are similar is in the Society's Response to its Environmental Problems section. The response that both countries have for the environmental problems involve voluntary actions. Whereas Argentina has voluntarily started to set-up goals, New Zealand has created the Ministry for the Environment. Both of these countries are ranked above the 50 percentile mark when it comes to peace with their neighbors. Argentina is below New Zealand, because of the long-existing tension with Brazil. This is one of the key issues with neighboring countries. Argentina is currently working on a better relationship with Brazil. In the long run, both countries will be in good shape. They are on their way on becoming world leaders in trying to stop greenhouse gases. If this keeps working, they will be an example to all other countries.