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Globalization by Mind Map: Globalization
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Eras of Globalization




Causes of Globalization

The Berlin Wall



Supply Chains

Work flow Software






Triple Convergence

Convergence 1

Convergence 2

Convergence 3

The great sorting out

Where do companies stop and start?

From command and control to collaborate and connect

Multiple Identity Disorder

Who owns what?

Death of the Salesman

US and the flat world

Even as the world gets flat, America as a whole will benefit more by sticking to the general principles of free trade, as it always has, than by trying to erect walls, which will only provoke others to do the same and impoverish us all.

The Quiet Crisis

The Numbers Gap

The Education Gap at the Top

The Ambition Gap

The Education Gap at the Top

The Funding Gap

The Infrastructure Gap

The Right Stuff

Learn how to learn


CQ + PQ > IQ

Test tubes and Tubas

The Right Country

The New middle class

Great Collaborators and Orchestrators

The Great Synthesizers

The Great Explainers

The Great Leveragers

The Great Adapters

The Green People

Passionate Personalizer

Math Lovers

The Great Localizers

Compassionate Flatism



Good Fat

The Unflat World

Too Sick

Too Disempowered

Too Frustrated

Too Many

How Companies Cope

Rule #1. When the world is flat, whatever can be done will be done. The only question is whether it will be done by you or to you.

Rule #2. Because we are in a world where whatever can be done, will be done, the most important competition today is between you and your own imagination.

Rule #3. One way small companies flourish in the flat world is by learning to act really big.

The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention

The theory is that with so many countries being globalized, we won't have any wars. This is because of the fact that many countries rely on one another certain resources to make their goods. If the country that supplies them with certain resources were to get in a war with them, they would not be able to get their resources to continue producing the goods.