India/Pakistan Disputes

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India/Pakistan Disputes by Mind Map: India/Pakistan Disputes

1. Politics

1.1. INDIA

1.2. Republic, Democracay...Multiple Parties

1.2.1. Communism/Nationalism/Socialism/Marxism 'Maoists'-Mao Zedong followers, still there today All India Muslim League-founded in 1906 during the period of British India


1.4. Pakistan Peoples Party-a centre left political party (modern liberalism and social democracy) founded in Pakistan in 1967. "Islam is our faith; democracy is our politics; socialism is our economy; all power to the people."

1.5. Islamic Republic

2. Religions

2.1. Hinduism-A polytheistic religion that originated in India. Hindus and Muslims do not get along.

2.1.1. Largest religion in India. Hinduism has a lot of nationalistic pride.

2.1.2. In Pakistan there are not very many Hindus, it isn't very popular, don't have very many rights or privileges, limited freedoms

2.2. Islam-Muslims (the followers) believe in Allah as the one true god. Islam means submission to Allah or submission to god. A major part of this religion is the 5 pillars of Islam. The Muslims conquered a large amount of territory in a short period of time, and trade routes spread their religion very far. Jihad is a Holy War, or a war fought for religious reasons that Islam uses. Muslims enforce a tax on non believers

2.2.1. Shi'a-A branch of Islam, doesn't have a very large percentage of followers. Pakistan has the second largest population of Shi'a followers. Sunni-Has the majority of followers. Sometimes referred to as orthodox Islam, strictly follows Muhammad's ways There's a lot of tension between the two branches. In Pakistan there wasnt as much at first because both branches supported the creation of Pakistan, but now there is tensions in India and Pakistan between the branches

2.3. Buddhism-India. Created by Siddhartha Gautama in India. Later he was called Buddha. Buddhism shares many beliefs of Hinduism since Gautama was originally Hindu. Don't believe in being worldly, all Buddhists want to achieve Nirvana. Buddhism has recently reemerged as a major religion in India and has a lot of conversions, especially from the Hindu "untouchable" caste.

2.4. Christianity-monotheistic. India's third largest religion. Muslims and Christians have many conflicts, don't like each other

2.4.1. Many missionaries came to India, the Bible was translated into Bengali India has different theories about Jesus than original Christianity. For example, Jesus wasn't killed he went to India to teach in the gospel churches. Christianity was most likely introduced to India from trade. Wasn't very popular

2.4.2. In Pakistan Christianity gained more popularity, Christianity supported the creation of Pakistan by the Muslims, but today they are discriminated against and not treated fairly

3. Economy

3.1. Transforming into an open-market economy. Economic liberalization began in the 1990s and since then it has grown to be the 12th largest economy in the world

3.1.1. Autarkic policies and social-democratic based policies until around 1991 TEXTILES After the British left and independence was gained, Policy tended towards protectionism, with a strong emphasis on import substitution, industrialization, state intervention in labor and financial markets, a large public sector, business regulation, and central planning. Five-Year Plans of India resembled central planning in the Soviet Union.

3.2. INDIA


3.3.1. Semi-industrialized economy with maine industries in textiles, chemicals, food processing, and agriculture. Wars with India over Kashmir and war with Bangladesh gaining independence greatly damaged the economy. Recovered slightly in the 1980s After gaining independence, Pakistan was very poor and mainly agricultural. The economic policies it used were fashioned after socialism ideas as India

4. Other Facts (Because I can)


4.1.1. The British colonized in India and controlled it for a very long time


4.2.1. Pakistan wasn't established until August 14, 1947 East Pakistan was a province of Pakistan, but is now the independent nation of Bangladesh. 2nd largest Muslim population in the world

4.3. India and Pakistan have been in war due to land disputes of the Kashmir area