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The Sudan by Mind Map: The Sudan

1. Politics

1.1. Civil War

1.1.1. War between Arab and Nubian North and the Christian and Animalistic south. Arabian/Nubian North are Islamic in belief and also believe that they have a right to the Sudan because they are, culturally, racially and religiously superior. Christian and Animalistic south believe that they have right to the land because they were the first. Also their beliefs go against the Arab/Nubian's

1.2. Genocide

1.2.1. Started Febuary 2003 when certain groups accused the government of oppressing Black Africans in favor of Arabs Arab Africans In 1504, the Funj, and Arabic and Islamic group, captured the Christian Kingdom of Nubia (present day Sudan) and institutionalized Islam as the national religion. 'Black' Africans In 1504 the Christian Kingdom of Nubia was over thrown by an Arab and Islam Group called the Funj

1.3. President Omar al-Bashir

1.3.1. Arrested and accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity, specifically involving the issues of Darfur

1.4. Southern Sudan Independent?

1.4.1. Parliament passed a bill that says the southerns have the right to determine their own future in January of 2011. Have been culturally ethnically and religiously separate from the north for quite some time. Are Christian or Animalistic to the Norths Islamic. And are Black or traditional African to the Norths Arab African. Religion (see Religion) Culture/ ethnicity (See culture/society)

2. Religion

2.1. Islam

2.1.1. Islam stuck to Pre-Renaissance Ideals, not changing their religion with the changing of times and the world Islam battles Christianity for Power and a greater amount of followers Islam founded from a combination of dominating religions such as Judaism and Christianity, use parts of Christian and Jewish text but translate differently

2.2. Christianity

2.2.1. Christians modernized their Religion and adapted to Post-Renaissance ideals (protestant revolution, women rights) Christianity battles Islam for power and a greater amount of followers Christianity is founded from a different translation of the Jewish holy text.

2.2.2. Enter defensive Alliance with people of animalistic religion against the attacking Islamic Arabs. Islam= common enemy of Christian Sudanese and Animalistic Sudanese Islam come and try to convert animists already converted to Christianity.

2.3. Animalism

2.3.1. United with the Christians in a defensive alliance against the Islamic Arabs of the North Islam Becomes common enemy of the Animists and the Christians Islam comes and tries to convert all who do not share their faith

3. Culture/society

3.1. Arab African

3.1.1. Feel that they deserve territory because they are the superior race Conquered the Christian kingdom of Nubia. Arab and Islamic Africans gain power

3.2. Native Africans

3.2.1. Feel that they Deserve the territory because they inhabited it first. Conquered by Islam Christian Kingdoms Developed

3.3. Christian Africans

3.3.1. Feel that they deserve the land because they 'civilized' the Native Africans? Conquered by and Islam tribe Christian Kingdoms developed