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Congo Republic Internal Conflict by Mind Map: Congo Republic Internal Conflict
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Congo Republic Internal Conflict

The Classical Period


Bantus established kingdoms ofKongo, Loango, and Teke


Social patterns stayed the same

The World Shrinks

The Bantus had first contact with the Portuguese in the late 15th century

Popular commodity was slaves taken from the hinterlands of Congo

Congo River Delta a hub of trade


The Industrial Period


Multiple European nations scrambled for the area, like Britain, Belgium, Portugal, and France, France gained control over most territory in 1880.


After the Berlin Conference, nations wanted C.R. for cotton, palm oil, and rubber.

After WWI

Congo Republic gained independence in 1960 from France

The first regime, Massamba-Debat's, adopted "scientific socialism" as the constitutional idea., First regime was overthrown in 1968, President Ngouabi took power, proclaiming his country Africa's first peoples' republic., On March 16, 1977, President Ngouabi was assassinated. An 11-member Military Committee of the Party was named to head a temporary government with Joachim Yhombi-Opango to serve as President of the Republic., Later, Yhombi-Opango was forced from power and Denis Sassou Nguesso became the new president, In 1997, Sassou and Lissouba fought for power and Lassouba won, In 2002, this came back to haunt Lissouba, as Sassou won in a landslide with 90%of the votes., Opango forced from power by Sassou in 1979, he was friendly to the Soviets

Native Pygmies today are still viewed as beneath the Bantu descendents


The Post-Classical Period

Patterns continued much the same way

The Agricultural Period


Bantu tribes from the area that is now the D.R.C moved into Pygmy territory