Julius Caesar Act 2 Mind Map

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Julius Caesar Act 2 Mind Map by Mind Map: Julius Caesar Act 2 Mind Map

1. Decision: Cassius decides to go to Brutus to plot to kill Caesar. Reason: Brutus is close friends with Caesar and is well respected. People wouldn't think that Brutus could be plotting against Caesar. Possible Consequence: Brutus turns against Cassius at the last second.

2. Decision: Brutus decides not to kill Antony. Reason: Brutus only will kill someone if he think's it is absolutely necessary. His only goal is stopping Caesar, and that does not include killing Antony. Possible Consequence: Antony will figure out who killed Caesar and have them punished.

2.1. Reason: Brutus only wants to kill people who is "necessary".

3. Decision: Cassius sends letters to Brutus saying that they are from the townspeople. The letters say that they don't like Caesar, but in reality, it seems as that the townspeople love Caesar. Reason: Cassius wants Brutus to join his team of people who are plotting to kill Caesar. Possible Consequence: Brutus finds out about the lies Cassius told him, and tells Caesar about the plot to kill him before it happens.

4. Decision: Brutus is at first rude to his wife, Portia, and then lies to her saying he is only "sick". Reason: It is possible that Brutus was too tired ti tell her, didn't want to tell her, or he didn't trust her. Possible Consequence: Portia finds out what his plan is, and is shocked. She could either let Brutus go on with it, or attempt to stop it.