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Arnold by Mind Map: Arnold

1. " I was born with too much grease inside my skull." (p.1)

2. Native American

2.1. Indian

2.1.1. Poor Alcoholic

3. Reservation

4. Illness

4.1. seizures

4.1.1. brain damage

5. Weak

5.1. beaten up

6. tough

6.1. brave

7. scared

8. "I was born with water on the brain." (p.1)

9. "My head was so big that little Indian skulls orbited around it." (p.3)

10. Starts to like white people

11. Plays basketball

12. Is in love witht a white girl

12.1. Penelope

13. Becomes friends with a guy he hit in the face. (p.65)

14. Loves books

15. Bestfriend

15.1. Rowdy

16. Kids call him

16.1. Hydromatic

16.1.1. Hydrocarbon Hydrocrack

17. Poor

18. 2 different identities

19. "On the first day practice, I felt short, skinny and slow."(p.136)

20. "My all time record was five wins and one hundred and twelve losses." (p.62)

21. " Your going to find more and more hope the farther and farther you walk away from this sad,sad,sad reservation." (p.42.)

21.1. Hope

22. Speaking problems

23. Goes to a new school. (Reardan)

24. White kids defend Arnold

25. Bad at basketball

25.1. Reservation

26. Good at basketball

26.1. Reardan

27. Supoortive

28. Pretends to be rich

29. " All these teachers, and student were suspicious about me now care for me." (p. 212)

29.1. After his sisters death

30. " And now I care about a lot of them." (p.212)

30.1. After his sisters death.

31. Feels like he lost everything when his sister died.

32. He lost 3 of his favorite people

33. Has courage

34. Rowdy calls Arnold nomadic

34.1. To keep moving over the world in search of food,water, land

35. Best shooter on the basketball

36. Only has his mother and father

37. Wants to go to Stanford University

38. "Penelope and I had the same dream"(p.112)

38.1. Stanford

39. " I had killed my sister"(p.211)

39.1. For leaving the rez he thought it's his fault

40. Has dreams to be successful in life

41. Doesn't give up when things get hard

42. " I don't know if hope is white "(p.51)

43. "Where is hope? who has hope"(p.43)

44. Prends to be rich