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Globalization by Mind Map: Globalization
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Causes of Globalization



Supply Chains

Fall of the Berlin Wall




Work Flow Software



Era's de Globilacion

Globalizaion 1.0

Globalization 2.0

Globalization 3.0

The Triple Convergence


New Bussiness Oppurtunity

Billions of new people entering the work force.

The Great Sorting Out

India v. Indiana

Where do companies start and stop

From command to control, to collaborate and connect

Who owns what

Death of the salesman

US and the Flat World

The Quiet Crisis

Ambition Gap

Numbers Gap

Education Gap: Top

Education Gap:Bottom

Funding Gap

Infrastructure Gap

The Right Stuff



Liberal Arts

Right Brain

The New Middle Class

Collaborators and Orchestraters





Green People

Passionate Personalizers

Math Lovers

Compassionate Flatism

The Unflat World

Too Sick

Too disempowered

Too frustrated

Not Enough Resources

How Companies Cope

Rule 1. When the world is flat, whatever can be done willbe done.

Rule 2. The most important competition today is between you and your imagination.

Rule 3. The Small shall act big. Take advantage of new tools for collaboration to reach farther.

Rule 4. The big shall act small, acting small by enabling their customers to act really big and help them think of new ideas.

Rule 5. The biggest companies are the best for collaborators.

Rule 6.The best companies stay healthy by getting regular chest x-rays and then selling the results to their clients.

Rule 7.The best companies outsource to win, not shrink. They outsource to innovate faster and more cheaply in order to grow larger, not save money by firing people.

Rule 8. How you do things as a company matters more then ever today.

Rule 9. When the world goes flat and reach for a shovel and dig inside yourself. Don't try to build walls.

Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention

North Korea vs Everyone

Pakistan Vs India

Isreal Vs Iran

China Vs Taiwan