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Unit 1 by Mind Map: Unit 1
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Unit 1

Eras of Globalization


New node



Triple Convergence

convergence 1

All ten flatteners come together

convergence 2

Platforms- basic underlying operations systems for innovation and production

convergence 3

Billions coming into the work force

Causes of Globalization

Outsoucreing, workflow software, insourceing, offshoreing, in-forming, uploading, steroids, supply chaining, end of the coldwar

US and the Flat World

The way to succeed is to not by stopping the lines from connecting to US by firing up your imagination by upgrading up your skills, and by adopting practices, rules, policies, and educational institutions.


regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a globe-spanning network of communication and trade

The Great Sorting Out

Americas way of helping out our economy

The New Middle Class

Some jobs will always be in demand, such as plummers, Divorce lawyers

The RIght Stuff

All the new jobs that it has done for the flatter world

The Quiet Crisis

Not looking at the big picture

Compassionate Flatism

the world is going to get more and more globalized and flattened

The Unflat World

Too Sick

People deal with diseases and no food or water

Too Disimpowered

These are the people that are close to joining the flat world but just dont have the tools for it or thinking power.

Too Frustrated

People are getting upset over the muslim and arab people and there are always fighting between the groups.

How Companies Cope

rule 8

Customer satisfaction.

New node

Dell theroy of conflict

Iran Vs Isreal

Iran has no nukes and isreal does and if iran gets one things could be bad

North Korea Vs Everyone

North korea is crazy and everyone is scared they could blow up people with nukes

Pakistan Vs India

Fighting over land

China vs taiwan

China thinks they taiwan is a branch of there country as taiwan thinks they are there own country