The Wikinomics Toolbox in 6 steps :

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The Wikinomics Toolbox in 6 steps : by Mind Map: The Wikinomics Toolbox  in 6 steps :

1. Step 1 - A methodology for evaluating key-competences, including

1.1. A diagnostic on the Wikinomics culture on all partners languages

1.1.1. 1. Watch the video introducing the Wikinomics culture

1.1.2. 2. Complete online the Wikinomics Diagnostic tool

1.2. A set of tools and procedures based on an open badges approach

1.2.1. Discover the Wikinomics research on open badges

1.2.2. Get your Wikinomics badges

2. Step 2 - A series of examples of good practices of free culture and wiki-based teaching methodologies in VET contexts

2.1. The Wikinomics training module

2.1.1. Contribute to the Wikinomics training module

2.1.2. Read and reuse our Wikinomics traning practices

2.2. The Wikinomics pedagogical guide

2.2.1. Read the Wikinomics Guide

3. Step 3 - Search further with a series of educational videos

3.1. Watch our selection of videos related to free culture and wiki methodologies

4. Step 4 - Learn more in detail about the Wikinomics practices

4.1. Download, explore and reuse the book Netizens, under a free licence

4.1.1. Translated into English (for your comments and improvements)

4.1.2. Available in French

4.1.3. Related content available in Polish

4.1.4. Related content available in Portuguese

4.1.5. Related Content available in Spanish

5. Step 5 - Explore methodologies for conducting free culture and wiki-based learning scenarios with students

5.1. Read the Wikiskills trainers guide

6. Step 6 - Join us !

6.1. Follow us on our Wikinomics news for the Wikinomics open training days and the all our activities

6.2. Participate in the Wikinomics TEDx events organised in 2016 by the Wikinomics partners

6.3. Join the WikiAngels network