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V2 VS by Mind Map: V2 VS

1. Literature

1.1. GERNGROSS, Günther, PUCHTA, Herbert: Pictures in Action (Prentice Hall International English Language Teaching) New York 1992

1.2. WRIGHT, Andrew: 1000 Pictures for Teachers to Copy. London, 1988

1.3. WRIGHT, Andrew: Visual Materials for the Language Teacher Essex, Longman GroupLtd, 1976

1.4. WRIGHT, Andrew: Storytelling with Children (Oxford)1995

1.5. PHILLIPS, Sarah: Young Learners (Oxford) 1993

1.6. Egle, Gert http://www.teachsam.de/arbtec.htm [Abgerufen am 18.2.2014]

1.7. English Department PH Salzburg, Lesson Plan for English (2013): [http://prezi.com/ligfvi8uxbic ]

2. Tasks/How do we get a grade

2.1. participation

2.1.1. active participation is expected

2.2. oral

2.2.1. Presentation Present a story using a picture book and one set of the three sets of material you created going with the chosen story (pre-telling activity - story telling - after telling activity)

2.2.2. Fachgespräch presenting the other two different sets of media for your story telling steps answering a question covering the topics from the seminar and literature

3. Schedule

3.1. 1st Session, 9th of October

3.1.1. Date collision...

3.2. 2nd Session, 23rd of October

3.2.1. Overview, Introduction, Moodle, Organisation

3.2.2. Using media in ELT - pros and cons create a mindmap on the board depicting the use of media in ELT

3.2.3. course books - guidlines for suitable choice have a look at different course books for year 1 Playway Sally Hop On! compare the activities (groups of 4) listening speaking reading writing

3.2.4. OHP & transparencies basic guidelines text size pictures ... Examples OHP Magic: http://youtu.be/LCIsIfEOEI8?list=PL81DA5E32B6D83656 Story told with OHP: http://youtu.be/sz-Lv3OufkI Story told by children using the OHP: http://youtu.be/2AKBsMcPBLg

3.2.5. using boards go back to the mindmap made earlier discuss diverse methods / tricks of using the board basic ideas (don't look at the beauty of the image, the content is quite to the point, even though - probably - for a higher target group -> downgrade...) http://youtu.be/82YMaq1JbA0 what about whiteboards, interactive whiteboards, ...

3.2.6. Storytelling with children Example The Gruffalo Why? Interesting Repetitive elements support with pictures ... Example Reading or telling? pros / cons Choosing a story out of the world of the children? language easy enough but not under-challenging illustration / media connectable to topics taught in other subjects

3.3. 3rd Session, 6th of November

3.3.1. Entfall - Staff Mobility to the University of Rome

3.4. 4th Session, 20st of November

3.4.1. Drama, masks and puppets some basic drama methods warm-ups hot seat tableau dialogues masks full face mask mouth visible headbands puppets DONE on the 23rd of October stick puppets finger puppets hand puppets sock puppets - video examples Mr Poodle Fingerpuppets Stickpuppets Mathematic sticks

3.4.2. Discussion

3.5. 5th Session, 4th of December

3.5.1. 5 Presentations á 10 Minutes

3.6. 6th Session, 18th of December

3.6.1. 5 Presentations á 10 Minutes

3.7. 7th Session, 15th of January

3.7.1. 5 Presentations á 10 Minutes

3.8. 8th Session, 29th of January

3.8.1. 5 Presentations á 10 Minutes