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Cyberbulliying by Mind Map: Cyberbulliying

1. A person can become less social

2. Someone may be in distress or depression.

3. Almost impossible to rid the internet of any offensive material. Such as a video or a photo.

4. You can be cyberbullied by a stranger or a close acquaintance without ever being able to tell who the culprit is because bullies feel more empowered than face to face confrontation.

5. Helps certain people cope with their low self esteem issues.

6. Hurting other people makes that person feel powerful

7. Before posting a photo of someone else make sure they approve of the photo

8. Don't be a cyberbully yourself. Play nice on the web and try not to say hurtful thing

9. Dangers Of Cyberbullying

10. Causes for cyberbullying

11. Ways to prevent Cyberbullying

12. Signs of cyberbullying