Let's Read Together Adult/Child Reading Inventory (ACIRI)

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Let's Read Together Adult/Child Reading Inventory (ACIRI) by Mind Map: Let's Read Together Adult/Child Reading Inventory (ACIRI)

1. Olean Even Start

1.1. Our Use

1.1.1. How Used

1.1.2. Reflections

1.2. Action Plan

1.2.1. Objectives

1.2.2. Expectations

1.3. Inquiry Question

2. ACIRI Background

2.1. Author/Publisher

2.1.1. Andrea DeBruin-Parecki

2.1.2. Brookes Publishing

2.2. Research

2.2.1. Assessing Adult/Child Storybook Reading Practices

2.2.2. Establishing a Family Literacy Program with a Focus on Interactive Reading

2.2.3. ACIRI Picture Book List (PSU Goodling Institute)

3. ACIRI Tool

3.1. Contents

3.1.1. Table of Contents Assessment of Interactive Reading Adult-Child Interactive Reading Inventory (ACIRI) Linked Activities to Foster Family Literacy

3.1.2. CD Resources Scoring Sheets Activities & Activity Sheets English and Spanish

3.2. Three Key Categories

3.2.1. Enhancing Attention to Text

3.2.2. Promoting Interactive Reading and Supporting Comprehension

3.2.3. Using Literacy Strategies

3.3. Reading Inventory

3.3.1. Observation How to Do Adult Behaviors Child Behaviors

3.3.2. Scoring 12 Behaviors Score Each 0-3 Mean by Category & Overall

3.4. Related Activities

3.4.1. Class Activities

3.4.2. Take Home Activities

3.4.3. Recommended Books