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Young People by Mind Map: Young People
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Young People



Unfortanly in our socitey a persons level of education will dictate their career oppturnitees. If a young person leaves school at year 10 or lower their oppturnities are very limited to the unskilled labour market like retail and warehouse workers. Even with only a year 12 pass the oppturnities are limited. most jobs need a post secondary qulitfaction weather that be cert 2 or a degree. The type of school a young person attends can also effect there career oppturnities. if a young person attends a private school which they will more then likley receive a high ENTER score they will have a better chance or getting to university and will have been given the skills during high school to deal with the type of work that needs to be done in order to complete a degree.  

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Soci-ecomonical Status

The soci-ecomonical status of a young person or there family can influence where the go to school or the type of schooling they have. Young people from low SES family have less choices of schooling and alot of the time their parents are uneducated and cant help them with their studies or possibly have to work multiable jobs so dont have time to help or monitor the education proformance.On the other hand young people from high SES have access to private schools and tutors and can pay outright for university. Some times young people from Low SES have to leave school early because they need to work to support their family. or they work part time whisht at school and that effects their grades. Many young woman from Low SES family have to go home and look after younger siblings while their parents are at work there for cant study and complete homework tasks which in turn will effect their grades and enagagement at school.

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A young person's family can have a massive influcence on who they are. Their family can influcene their bliefs, vaules and identity. some young people feel very close to their family and relie on the family unit. this can be a cultural thing. Thier family can support them and assist them to get through tough times. Other young people have no connection to family and can have very different vaules and bliefs to those of their mother and father. sometimes what a young person consitors to be family isnt their biological mother and father but could be friends and cousins or a group of people that have been their for them for a long time.


The level of education a young person completes determine their career oppturnities and the type of career they have can effect their income. If a young person leaves school at year 10 level with out going on to complete a trade/traineeship they will most likely work in the unskilled labour market which is gerenally minium wage with no oppturnitie to adavnace into higher paying rolls. If a young person finishes year 12 and goes to tafe. Option one: completes a trade quailifaction and works in that trade for their career they will gerenally make what is consider to be a good wage. option two: completes a cert 2 or 3 in a gerenal area they will have better oppturnities for jobs and careers but may not nessary earm much more then minium wage. If a young person finishes year 12 and complete a degree at uni depending on their field can earn between minuim wage to $150,000 a year. a young person career goals can be ditated by a few factors.. family, SES and Education.


The government effects everything a young person does. Educationg: the amount of funding the government give a school to improve faciltorties or implated new programs in the school ei. VCAL or VET which are alturnatives to VCE which are more practical learning. Entertainment and leisure: If the governement (local or state) fund good programs in the area the young person lives they have more oppturnity to get involved and do fun things. ei. freeza or music events, skate parks, basketball courts, drop-in centres. Public Transport: alot of young people a relant on public transport to get around if they live in regional or rural areas gerenrally there is no good form of public transport so they become isolated which cause many other problems. on the other hand in metro areas when buses stop early in the eveing young people can get home from shopping centre or movies so they choice to hang around there local area and drink and part take in anit-socail bevaoir. Laws: alot of new laws the governement has put in place really effect young people and they cant even vote against it. ie. anti-grafftii laws and the new rules around p-plate and learners drivers.  


there is youth culture but young people also use different cultures during adolencents to develop their own identity, they involve themselfs in the emo culture, punk culture or hip hop culture. many young people grow out of these cultures as they enter adulthood but for many during there teens being apart of these cultures helps them feel like they belong to something.


The Media can have a massive effect on young people, not only does it most of the time negatively portray them in the news and current affairs but many magazine and tv shows influence their behaviors and shopping habbits. Commercial on tv are geared at young people to buy things they dont need. the media makes them think i will be uncool if i dont have that new iphone or brand name jeans. because of this impresson that these products that are advertised in the media are the 'cool' if you dont have them it can lead to school yard bulling. the media can also have a big influnced on young people body image. alot of young woman think they are fat or ugly just because they dont look like paris hilton.