Economic Models

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Economic Models by Mind Map: Economic Models

1. Monetarist

1.1. no theory of capital / weakest on capital theory

1.2. belief in markets

1.3. government has serious role

1.4. aggregate / macro

1.5. more or less accept MV=PT

1.5.1. fix recession by increasing M to spur on additional spending

2. Austrian

2.1. strongest belief in markets

2.2. government is, at best, a 0 sum

2.3. capital capital capital!

2.4. everything is micro

2.5. discount the pain of dislocation and re-adjustment

3. Keynsian

3.1. government can play critical role

3.2. aggregate / macro

3.3. macro markets are moved by the animal spirits

3.4. more or less accept MV=PT

3.4.1. fix recession by increasing T to offset psychological impact of falling transactions