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Brazil by Mind Map: Brazil

1. Politics

1.1. Current President is Dilma Rousseff - Female and she is 36 years old.

1.2. Became a democratic republic in 1989

1.3. Brazil has a federal, presidential and constitutional republic government based on representative democracy.

2. Economy

2.1. Ranked 7th largest economy

2.2. One of the fastest growing economies in the world with a GDP growth of 5 percent.

2.3. Mainly exports to Netherlands, U.S., China and Argentina

2.4. Main industries include shoes, cement, lumber, chemicals, textiles, steel, tin, machinery and equipment.

3. Natural Resources

3.1. Tropical Rainforests (Amazon Rainforest)

3.2. Majestic Rivers (Amazon and Parana)

3.3. Iron ore, nickel, timber, gold, bauxite, tin and platinum.

4. Modern History

4.1. 1930's and 19'40's- Brazil was marked by a period of Corporatism.

4.2. 1950's and 1960's were classified as develop mentalist and nationalist. At this time, the military began to focus on domestic revolutionary warfare against the enemies of Brazil.

4.3. Between 1945-1964 The capital was changed from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia.

4.4. 1989 Fernando Collor de Mello was the 1st democratically elected president.

4.5. Catholicism

5. 5. Tourist Attractions

5.1. Christ the Redeemer

5.2. Iguazu Falls

5.3. Maracana Stadium

6. 6. U.S. Relations

6.1. The two countries cooperate just fine

6.2. Share trade, HIV/AIDS efforts, regional concerns

6.3. President Bush and Lula (Former Brazil President) signed an agreement to increase the production and distribution of Ethanol.

7. 7. Fun Facts

7.1. Country was named after a tree called "Brazilwood"

7.2. 5th largest country in the World

7.3. Brazil has the 2nd highest number of airports in the world.

7.4. $.42= 1 Brazilian real