Bats and Flight

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Bats and Flight by Mind Map: Bats and Flight

1. Anticipatory Set

1.1. Show students how inventions have been inspired by animals and nature.





2. Resources

2.1. Books

2.1.1. Kites

2.1.2. Bats

2.2. Videos

2.2.1. Bats Magic School Bus - Bats

2.3. Websites


2.3.2. Bats For HOMEWORK practice. Provide students/parents with a shoebox with materials from this project. This will help them come up with ideas for the final product:

3. Bats and Kites

3.1. Venn Diagram

3.2. Bats

3.2.1. Anchor Chart Can Have Are Focus: Flight Know Want to know Learned

3.2.2. Echolocation

3.2.3. classification

3.3. Kites

3.3.1. Can

3.3.2. Have

3.3.3. Are

3.3.4. Focus: Flight inspired by bats Know Want to know Learned

4. Big Questions/Purpose

4.1. How can I build a kite that will mimic a bat's ability to fly?

4.1.1. Build a Kite Inspiration: Bat anatomy What materials can be used to mimic these physical features? Kites Anchor Chart Rubric Must be bat-like Must fly


5.1. Science

5.1.1. Habitats

5.1.2. Animals

5.2. Technology

5.3. Engineering

5.3.1. Building Kite to mimic bats

5.4. Arts

5.4.1. Decoration of kite

5.5. Math

5.5.1. Mathematical principles of symmetry, problem solving, algebra, measurement

6. Kites

6.1. straws

6.2. limitations!!!