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The Standard for Program Management 3rd Edition (a.k.a. PgMBOK) by Mind Map: The Standard for Program Management 3rd Edition (a.k.a. PgMBOK)
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The Standard for Program Management 3rd Edition (a.k.a. PgMBOK)

CAPM, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), PMP, Project Management Professional (PMP), PMI-ACP, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP), PMBOK, and the R.E.P. Logo are marks of Project Management Institute, Inc. Trademarks are properties of the holders, who are not affiliated with mind map author.

This freeware, non-commercial mind map (aligned with the newest version of The Standard for Program Management was carefully hand crafted with passion and love for learning and constant improvement as well for promotion this standard and PM profession and as a learning tool for candidates wanting to gain PgMP® qualification. (please share, like and give feedback - your feedback and comments are my main motivation for further elaboration. THX!)

Questions / issues / errors? What do you think about my work? Your comments are highly appreciated. Feel free to visit my website:

Program Management Performence Domains (5)

1. Program Strategy Alignment

2. Program Benefits Management

3. Program Stakeholder Engagement

4. Program Governance

5. Program Life Cycle Management

Process Groups / Program Life Cycle Phases (3)

Program Definition

Program Benefits Delivery

Program Closure

Knowledge Areas (9)

Program Communication Management

Program Financial Management

Program Integration Management

Program Procurement Management

Program Quality Management

Program Resource Management

Program Risk Management

Program Scgedule Management

Program Scope Management

Supporting Processes

Program types (3)

Strategic Programs

Compliance Programs

Emergent Programs

Program Products / Artifacts

Approved Change Requests

Benefits Delivery

Benefits Realization Plan

Benefits Register

Benefits Sustainment Plan

Communications Management Plan

Communication Plan

Component Budgets Closed

Component Management Plan

Component Payment Schedule

Contract Closeout Report

Contract Payment

Corrective Action


Financial Closing Statement

Issue Log

Procurement Management Plan

Program Apporach

Program Budget Baseline

Program Business Case

Program Charter

Program Documentation Archive Plan

Program Financial Framework

Program Financial Management Plan

Program Financial Metrics

Program Funding Schedules

Program Goals

Program Governance Plan

Program Management Plan

Program Manadate

Program Master Schedule

Program Operational Costs

Program Payment Schedules

Program Plan

Program Quality Policy

Program Quality Standards

Program Report

Program Resource Requirements

Program Roadmap

Program Scope Statement

Program Success Criteria

Program Vision

Program Work Breakdown Structure (PWBS)

Quality Management Plan

Request for proposal (RfP)

Request for quote (RfQ)

Resource Management Plan

Risk Assessment

Risk Management Plan

Schedule Management Plan

Scope Management Plan

Stakeholder Management Plan

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Stakeholder List

Stakeholder Map

Stakeholder Register

Strategic Plan


Processes (36)

Program Definition (13)

Program Benefits Delivery (19)

Program Closure (4)

"Project management is like juggling three balls – time, cost and quality. Program management is like a troupe of circus performers standing in a circle, each juggling-three balls and swapping balls from time to time." G. Reiss

The Standard for Program Management (a.k.a. PgMBOK) - provides a detailed understanding of program management and promotes efficient and effective communication and coordination among various project management groups.

PgMBOK® Guide v1 was published in 2006.

PgMBOK® Guide v2 was published in 2008.

PgMBOK® Guide v3 was published in 2012.