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Global Studies - History, Culture & Geography by Mind Map: Global Studies -
History, Culture &
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Global Studies - History, Culture & Geography

Unit 1 - Who am I?

The role of storytelling in culture

Preserving culture through oral histories

What do buildings, monuments, walls, and public projects tell us about societies and cultures?

Digital media as a new cultural voice

Places & cultures

What is culture?, Swedes in Sweden, Sweden and Swedes compared to other places and peoples, Australians in Australia, Chinese in China

How does place affect culture?

My story

How do I identify myself?, How does my language and literature affect my identity?, What practices and products are part of my cultural identity?, What do I know about my cultural history?

Why is an identity important?, How do you create identity in the digital age?, Can I change who I am?

Where is my family from?, How do I describe a family?, What is a community?, What society do I belong to?

Clashes and aggression

Unit 2 - Why do people move?


Is geography destiny?, Understanding geography as destiny, Counter arguments to geography as destiny

Examining geography as data

Social & Political Changes


How does technology impact society?

A history of technology and social changes


What changes do demographics lead to?

A review of demographics and social changes

Climatic change & natural resources

Does climate impact culture?

A history of episodic climate changes

Climate and natural resources - a dynamic relationship

Cultural behaviors (customs)

Unit 3 - What is the immigrant experience?

Mass migrations and their causes in history

Effects of mass migrations, Cultural effects, Economic effects, Political effects

Forecasting future mass migrations, Cultural effects, Economic effects, Political effects

We are all immigrants

The history of Nordic voyages

European colonialism and it's effect on native peoples

What does it mean to be Chinese at home and abroad?

The modern immigrant

Searching for immigrant stories, Sweden, Australia, China

Immigration and culture

Unit 4 - Are history & geography destiny?

Human history as a timeline

Human history as epochs

Human history and technological development

Human history as civilization

Religion and philosophy

Cultural memes, Expressions of art, What defines a culture? (products of culture)