How to Be A New Media Mogul

Keynote speech given by Helen Baxter of Mohawk Media at Spark! 20009 at Wintec, Hamilton, New Zealand.

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How to Be A New Media Mogul by Mind Map: How to Be A New Media Mogul

1. Twisted Re-Boot

1.1. The Law

1.1.1. Little know Auckland law

1.1.2. Launch a mag, site or station in 10 yrs or be sent to Australia!

1.1.3. Acquired Twisted Radio in 2009

1.1.4. Re-booting Sept 09 as Twisted Radio & TV Radio with picturs

1.2. Crowdfunding

1.2.1. Kickstarter

1.2.2. Crowdfund your Creativity

1.2.3. Givealittle to Twisted

1.3. Promotions

1.3.1. Facebook Group

1.3.2. Merchandise Zazzle Twisted Store

1.3.3. Twitter Stream

1.4. Channels

1.4.1. Radio LPFM Radio on 88.3 Waitakere LPFM Radio allows only ½ watt (many cheat) P2P Radio Trialled Audiorealm stream. Up to 20 concurrent listeners $35 p.m. Doesn’t scale very affordably. Need sponsors. Outgoing bandwidth = 56kbit to seed stream $15 p.m. in extra bandwidth Stream + P2P – free to scale potentially to millions Kit & Tools Radio board from US = $500 (inc transmitter) Radio s/w SAM Broadcaster TV / VJ mix into Arkaos. $150 webcams Adobe Live Media Encoder. (Free) Output into Livestream Channel

1.4.2. TV Livestream Live to air Video on Demand Free with overlay ads US $350 pcm to serve own ads Twitcam - stream live on Twitter

1.4.3. Mobile Stream or mobicast from your phone

1.4.4. Online You Tube Tag carefully for related links Tube Mogul Posterous Publish to multiple spaces Twisted Website Aggregation station of RSS feeds Dynamically generated pages Silverstripe NZ Open Source CMS Click to buy links, artists info, clips

2. Links


2.2. The MsBehaviour Files

2.3. DIY TV - Trends

2.4. Renaissance 2.0

2.5. Online Video Trends

2.6. How to Hack a VJ Show

3. the g33k show

3.1. Short pods for web & mobile

3.2. Broadcast 2008 on Alt TV, SKY 65

3.3. Podcast Online

3.4. Hacked together by a team of two

3.4.1. Hacking = re-purposing tools & ideas

3.4.2. Driven by time and $ 0 budget

3.5. Kit

3.5.1. Graphics card held together with elastic bands

3.5.2. Ancient PC

3.5.3. Borrowed Broadcast Camera

3.6. Half an hour of animation a week

3.6.1. Animation quicker than filming

3.7. Off Prescription Tools

3.7.1. Google Earth Camera fly throughs

3.7.2. Google Sketchup 3D objects

3.7.3. Mobile Phone Camera Nokia 6021 Easier, more authentic

3.7.4. Mobile Animation Tools Facial animation for avatars

3.8. Last year we were crazy - this year we're clever

4. Indie Artists

4.1. Brand & Identity

4.1.1. Online ID GoogleID Blogger You Tube Gmail, Docs Facebook ID Open ID Twitter Skype Your own domain name Whois? - $30 p.a.

4.1.2. Brands take to time to grow Tagging Twitter #hashtags The Semantic Web

4.1.3. High value of intangible assets The Whuffie Factor

4.1.4. Work your social networks 33 Million People in the Room

4.1.5. Grow a large digital footprint

4.2. New Publishing Channels

4.2.1. Online iTunes Webisodes

4.2.2. Mobile Vodafone Live! Mobisodes Do not underestimate mobile markets

4.3. Print on Demand

4.3.1. Music CD Baby CDs & Digital downloads

4.3.2. Books Books, Calendars

4.3.3. Fabric Spoonflower Custom printed fabric no minimum order

4.3.4. Art Imagekind

4.3.5. Merchandise Zazzle Tshirts, Skateboards, Hoodies

4.3.6. Designs Ponoko Jewellery, Furniture, Art,

4.3.7. 3D Objects Shapeways "we bring your 3D design to life"

4.3.8. Shoes Shoes of Prey Design bespoke women's shoes

4.4. Manage your own career

4.4.1. Own your own copyrights Creative Commons Encourage some remixes / mashups Artists should fear obscurity not piracy

4.4.2. Sell it yourself Keep largest % Multiple formats Multiple Income Streams Think series or universe Create a lifelong, profitable career

5. Helen Baxter

5.1. Managing Directrix

5.1.1. Strategy, Finance & New Biz

5.1.2. Senior Producer

5.1.3. Writer, Animator, Director

5.1.4. Radio NZ & Kiwi FM

5.2. Mohawk Media

5.2.1. Animation, Radio & TV

5.2.2. VJ Mixes & Live Shows

5.2.3. Online Strategy, R&D

5.2.4. The MsBehaviour Files Re-animating in multimedia format

5.2.5. The g33k show Broadcast on Alt TV in 2008 Season 2 on Twisted TV in 2009

5.2.6. Twisted Radio & TV Live to air & podcast shows

5.3. How?

5.3.1. Cloud based company

5.3.2. Collaborative network of studios

5.3.3. Stay Small & Lean

5.3.4. Bootstrapped to profit

5.3.5. Scaleable without external funding

5.3.6. Business Management Xero - finance Invoices, accounts Pocketsmith Both Made in NZ Basecamp - project management Try for free Diigo - bookmarks / annotated links Two way knowledge flows Read Tshirts & Suits Free ebook

5.3.7. Why? Multiple Income Streams Home studios Independent Flexible Fun is our prime directive!