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Goals by Mind Map: Goals

1. Standardize curriculum/education packet

2. Expand resident EBM training

3. Denise

3.1. Teaching

3.2. Clinical

3.2.1. Child life program for Lowell: Ed plans, therapy

3.2.2. More family support services

3.2.3. Last chances for immunization

3.2.4. Smoking cessation

3.2.5. Raising readers

3.3. Research

3.3.1. Relaxation, visualization with asthma pt and NAS babies

3.3.2. baby message, music, relaxation

3.4. Administration

3.4.1. meet with primary cares, discharge form, calls

3.5. Other

3.5.1. Community projects

4. Karen

4.1. Teaching

4.1.1. Develop hospital elective for residents

4.1.2. Improve Floating/MW nurse and RT education on care and proper tx administration for respiratory illnesses

4.1.3. Resident participation in biostatistics lectures

4.2. Clinical

4.2.1. Improve medication safety on FL7: WBD, antibiotic and narcotic order forms, safety rounds, MAC and smart pumps

4.3. Research

4.3.1. Publish albuterol delivery methods of PCP and asthma RCT

4.3.2. Revise master's work

4.3.3. Follow up data on use of WBD after mandate implemented

4.3.4. Start peer support group for junior faculty interested in research

4.4. Administration

4.4.1. P&T and medication safety committee

4.4.2. Create pediatric specific safety group for all of Floating

4.4.3. CPOE with assistance of creating ordersets

5. Lindsay

5.1. Teaching

5.1.1. Start teaching PALS (certification changed to MA)

5.1.2. 1st/2nd year H&P teaching

5.2. Clinical

5.3. Administration

6. Priya

6.1. Teaching

6.1.1. Develop MW rotation

6.1.2. 360 evaluations on ward

6.1.3. Improve feedback for night float

6.1.4. Attending evaluations by residents

6.1.5. Improve feedback, goals, objectives for residents

6.2. Clinical

6.2.1. More presence on ward during rounds

6.2.2. Improve communication and method of comm. with PCPs

6.2.3. Inclusion of more community hospitalists in educational mission

6.3. Research

6.3.1. Complete Verbal Presentation Study

6.3.2. Present Transition to Internship Curriculum

6.3.3. Rounding and Discharge times with full nurse participation

6.3.4. Continue APA ESP Program

6.4. Administration

6.4.1. Pediatric Program Director

6.4.2. Continue on committees

6.5. Other

6.5.1. Have baby in March!

7. Ernie

7.1. Clinical

7.1.1. Improve caliber of clinical care

7.1.2. Increase range of services

8. Joe

8.1. Teaching

8.1.1. Improve teaching skills

8.2. Clinical

8.3. Research

8.3.1. Asthma QI Project Lowell

9. Jana

9.1. Teaching

9.1.1. Become NRP instructor and train new staff

9.1.2. Continue developing lectures for "Inpatient Curriculum"

9.2. Clinical

9.3. Research

9.3.1. M&M program for Tufts/MW

9.4. Administration

9.4.1. Bronchiolitis guidelines

10. Use more EBM for patient management, standardize care, develop treatment protocals (eg febrile UTIs)

11. Asthma Pathway

12. Jana: Bronchiolitis guidelines, Karen: bronchiolitis pathway and orderset

13. Denise: nutrition/exercise f/u as out pt, identify obesity and nutritional problems; Lindsay: monitor progress in LEAN project; Joe: work on obesity

14. Establish expectations for new senior resident