Classical Conditioning

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Classical Conditioning by Mind Map: Classical Conditioning

1. Application to the classroom

1.1. Elementary

1.2. Middle School

1.3. High School

2. Link to KSAs

2.1. KSA1: How contextual variables affect teaching and learning

2.2. KSA7: Students' needs for physical, social, cultural and psychological security

3. Background

3.1. Ivan Pavlov

3.2. Discovery

4. Theories and Principles

4.1. Definition

4.2. Description of theory

4.3. Examples

4.4. Key Terms

4.4.1. Contiguity

4.4.2. Unconditioned Stimulus(US)

4.4.3. Unconditioned Response (UR)

4.4.4. Conditioned Stimulus (CS)

4.4.5. Conditioned Response (CR)

4.4.6. Neutral Stimulus